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the North-sveta, the Xmravati, the Saligrama, the Ratna and
the Bhavanl. The holy places iiicluded within the territory
are: Setu-Ramebvaram, Dhanttskoti, Srlrangani, Totadri,
Madhura, Alagiri, and Jambukesvaram. The towns are:
TrLSrapiiri and Madhura. Acyutadeva Maharaya bestowed
upon the city of Uadlmra the name of £aya-daksiQa-simha$ana-
sthana (the headquarters of the Raya's Southern Throne),
made Visvanatha Xayadu the ruler over this territory with its
forts, nads, hamlets,villages, petas and towns, and invested him
with the kingdom. Moreover. Acyutadeva Maharaya formally
crowned Visvauatha Isayadu of the Garikepati family of the
Balija caste as the king of Pandya country yielding a revenue
of 2t crores of varahas; and he presented him the golden idols
of Darga, Laksmi aud Laksmi-Narayana and sent him with
ministers, councillors and troops to the South. Visvanatha
Kayadu reached the city of Madhura, from which he began to
govern the country entrusted to his care.

Kaifiyai of tfar*5t*-&S&*** Kingf. L.R. 8, pp. 313-23,


*1 — 10.    Praise of a yogi by name Srikanthakasavasif and
the pltha he occupied by name Kulasekhara.

11 — 12.    The emperor Raya supplicated Vigvega for a son
and was directed by the god to seek the aid of the yogi.

13.    The emperor got a son by favour of the yogi.

14.    The emperor and his minister who got a son each by
the yogfs favour become his pupils.

15.    The emperor bestowed the Pandya country on the
yogi as guru-daksina.

*£lokas were irritten la the presence of Ayyanga^ayya, * resident of Jambnkerrnrajn
amd the guru of the Karnltaka mlers.

f An epigraph in the jambnkesvaram temple in  the Trichinopoly district
Friday Val&kha *Q 2, Vf scika, of the year Pramadi corre*poadiBg to 5.S. 1596
31 Oct. A.D. 1573) meatioas SadEsiva VSjap^ya Y5ji, son of MafcStdcva D&fit* and the
i Caadrft£6fc}i*ra